Vestopazzo Heart Elastic Bracelet
Vestopazzo Heart Elastic Bracelet

Vestopazzo Heart Elastic Bracelet

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Elastic bracelet with heart charms.

Handmade in 100% recycled aluminum.
Every year we recycle 100.000 kg of aluminum. All jewelry is handmade, individually created by wise craftsmen. Aluminum embraces a new life being shaped in unique and sinuous creations, shifting from one shape to another. It is water resistant and adapts to every skin type.
The craftsmanship that defines our products also ensures their uniqueness and personality. You can take care of your jewelry with simple actions, small daily acts to treasure your special memories in the best of ways. Vestopazzo’s jewelry should always be placed in the provided sachets. The 100% recycled aluminium is not plated, so it can be washed with water and neutral soap. Brass jewelry should be kept far from corrosive substances, so to avoid deterioration of the top layer. To maintain the natural shine of your jewelry, especially those products characterized by a completely handmade plating (Silver, Gold, Gold Rose), we advise to avoid exposing them to chemicals such as sanitisers, perfumes, body lotions and sea water. We also advise they be removed before bathing. Our jewelry is hypoallergenic. All jewelry is nickel tested
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